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TotalChoice Hosting is a family owned and operated
company based in Michigan, USA. Founded in 1999

Who is TotalChoice Hosting?

TotalChoice Hosting is a family owned and operated Web Hosting company based in Michigan, USA. Founded in 1999, TotalChoice has been a pioneer in the ever growing Web Hosting business. Over the years we have positioned ourselves as the leader in friendly and reliable Web Hosting. TotalChoice has tens of thousands of clients and we host hundreds of thousands of domains. Treating every client like our own family member has been the number one factor that has allowed us to grow and succeed in a very competitive marketplace.

TotalChoice Hosting Data Centers

We have Data Centers spread throughout Texas and Michigan, USA and also in Europe. Our Tier III+ facilities provide world-class security and the best uptime available in today's Web Hosting marketplace.

More About Our Data Centers

TIER III+ Data Centers


Data Center Locations

Garfield Heights, Ohio USA
Southfield, Michigan USA
Dallas, Texas USA
Flint, Michigan USA
Vilnius, Lithuania


TotalChoice Hosting provides Web Hosting services with unbeatable features and uptime!


Tired of bad support or inconsistent customer services? TotalChoice is family owned and operated, we care about our clients!


TotalChoice Hosting has one focus. Customer Support and top notch services.  Give us a try!

top Data Centers

All of our Data Centers are secure, reliable and all located in natural disaster very low risk zones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since our founding TotalChoice Hosting has been dedicated to providing our customers with industry leading support.
Check out these frequently asked questions,  feel free to contact our support team if we didn't answer your question!

Meet The Team of Professionals at TCH

TotalChoice is proud of who we are and what we do. So much so, we want to introduce our web hosting family to you. These are the only people who will ever assist you with your TotalChoice web hosting account. No outsourcing here, just a family of professionals waiting to assist you.
Web hosting company employee

Bill Kish


"Started TCH from my Garage over 25 years ago.  I am available for my clients any time, day or night. I am here to deal with any issues or concerns you may have. If you would simply like to chat for any other reason, I always enjoy talking with my clients." - Bill Kish

Web hosting company employee

Dick Devance

General Manager

"I've been with TCH for over 18 years now. From when I started all the way to today, I've been dedicated to creating a company culture that puts customer service first. I'm always available for our clients and promise to keep our services as good as they were from day one" - Dick Devance

Web hosting company employee

Jolita Skuodyte


"Being with TCH for over 12 years now, I find myself dedicated to always bringing TCH into the future. I love talking to our clients about everything from how they're doing all the way to how we can help them grow. From the start I've planned to retire from TCH! " - Jolita Skuodyte

Web hosting company employee

Bryan Abraham

support services manager

"Since my start at TCH I've been dedicated to always improving the customer support process. To us, the customer experience is what sets us apart from the rest. There isn't a time day or night that you can't get in touch with our support staff. TCH is here for you!" - Bryan Abraham

Web hosting company employee

Marshal Josan

Technical Support

"I love working at TotalChoice Hosting because it feels like I'm working for family. Even the owner stops by to say hello  everyday.  The level of support and care each customer receives at TCH is truly industry leading.  I can't imagine working anywhere else!" - Marshal Josan

Web hosting company employee

Billy Kish

Data Center Operations Manager

"I've been visiting our Data Centers since before I could walk. TCH is an essential part of who I am and who I aspire to be in my always evolving career. I've seen it all from Data Center Operations, up until now. I look forward to leading the next generation of TCH!" - Billy Kish

Web hosting company employee

Kris Sand

Technical Support

"I love to solve problems!  The atmosphere here at TCH allows me the freedom to be a problem solver and a decision maker.  What a great place to work!  The team really is a family and it is quite special" -  Kris Sand

Web hosting company employee

Benjamin Donavon

Network OPERAtioNS

"Routers, Switches and Goblins! The guys here at TotalChoice have welcomed me with open arms.  I am very excited to start my journey  here at TCH" - Ben Donavan

Web hosting company employee

Steve Dahale

Technical Support

"Being with TotalChoice for almost 5 years now I can say that I've never enjoyed a workplace as much as the one TotalChoice provides to us everyday. Doing Technical Support at TotalChoice Hosting always feels easy because we have the best customers in the world!" - Steve Dahale

Web hosting company employee

Taylor Carter


"Marketing at TCH is easy because the family owned culture has been a focus from day one. From the people to the way we treat our clients. Our marketing speaks to how we've operated for over 20 years. Every customer is a member of the TCH family, ALWAYS!" - Taylor Carter

It's a me

Rob Abbasi

"TotalChoice Hosting is just... different. I've done consulting at other companies and the culture here is so refreshing. TotalChoice Hosting is truly a partner in your needs for all things hosting. The company vision has always been clear. Our customers come first, always!" - Rob Abbasi
Web hosting company employee

Ethan James

Technical Support

"Give me a keyboard and a Mountain Dew! Working with this group of people here at TCH is something that I did not think existed in the hosting space.  I am greeted every day with smiles and the level of cooperation is like no other.   TCH ROCKS!" - Ethan James

Web hosting company employee

David Nunez

DIRECTOR OF operations

"I can definitively say that this is one of the best workplaces around. From the family owned culture, down to the relaxed atmosphere everything here just makes sense. I love the fact that I get to interact with everyone up to and including the CEO!" - David Nunez

TotalChoice Hosting Web Hosting Team Member

Mike Johnson

Senior network adminstrator

"I've worked for multiple web hosts in the past and I can say for a fact I've never seen a more dedicated and honest company. On top of that I'm given the freedom to work without constraints, allowing me to always be upgrading our redundancy and infrastructure. " - Mike Johnson

Web hosting company employee

Antonyo Harrison

technical support

"Working at TCH has been such a pleasure.  The fact that I can communicate with the CEO and be treated as his equal is amazing!  Working here for over 11 years now, and the time just goes by so fast " - Tony Harrison

Web hosting company employee

Tim Bayers

Major Accounts rep

"Working with TCH and its Major Accounts has been such a change of pace.  The TCH team affords me to deliver on my promises made, on time and within budget, every time!  The growth we have seen is amazing and I am very happy to be a part of this team" - Tim Bayers

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TotalChoice Data Centers

Hosting Companies are only as good as the Internet Connections and Hardware that they place their clients web sites on.

TotalChoice owns all of its own equipment and we are very proud of the reliability that our Data Centers provide. In fact, we welcome our clients to schedule a tour of our facilities at any time!
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web hosting company monitoring

Hawk Eye 24/7 Monitoring
TotalChoice has developed Patented Technology that allows complete monitoring of all our systems. Our Team Members have a ‘birds’-eye view’ of every aspect of the services we offer. When a problem is detected our on-site 24/7/365 technicians are ready to jump into action. We refer to this system as…”Project Hawk-Eye”..
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See What Our Customers Have To Say!

Just a Few Words From Our Clients

"Just now I upgraded some software on my server and broke something else in the process, resulting in a number of my client sites being down. Of course I went right to the Help Desk to cry Help! TCH got right on my case and fixed it. And gave me some instruction about how to prevent this from happening next time!"

Jim Butterfield
(Pro Web Developer)

“I have been with totalchoice hosting for 16 years or so and their customer service is the best! Many times when I contact support for something that's not within their purview, they send me a link where I can get my question answered, even if it has something to do with Wordpress. That is above and beyond, in my opinion!”

Ms. Litsey
(Professional Blogger)

"Submitted a help desk ticket this morning at 8:12. Nine minutes later, Bryan Abraham responded, advising that the problem was resolved. I have been a customer now for almost 10 years, while I have always been happy with the level of service that TCH provides, I think that is a record for fast response to a trouble ticket."

Bob Crabb
(Business Owner)

“I'm still blown away by this company, after all those years! In a good way, rest assured. Do not ever take the TCH family and support people for granted. What they do for you and are willing to do for you, you will NOT find anywhere else. I trust TotalChoice Hosting with my business more than any other hosting company!"

Leontine Vandermeer
(Pro Web Designer)

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