cPanel & WHM
cPanel is the primary administrative tool for maintaining your website. We strive to keep cPanel updated, as quickly as possible.
To stay up to date, and to learn about cPanel, please refer to the documentation listed below.
For questions on features and use of cPanel, we suggest you begin reviewing the cPanel Online Help Documentation.
Read cPanel Technical Documentation Here!

Problems Accessing cPanel

To use cPanel or WebMail, you must have access to port 2083. If you are using a computer behind a firewall (or at a company facility), this port may be blocked. If so, you will need to speak to your network administrator.


TotalChoice Hosting offers RoundCube for WebMail. This will allow you to access your web e-mail through cPanel.

Click Here To Read More About RoundCube

WHM (Web Host Manager)

Web Host Manager, or WHM, is a powerful utility that allows administrative access to cPanel.

For an in-depth guide of everything WHM offers, please refer to their documentation.

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