Options for an SSL Certificate

1. If you already have your own SSL certificate, TCH will install and host your certificate for $32.
2. Or you can order your SSL certificate through TCH for $115. There would still be a $32 installation fee, for a total cost of $147.
3. Or you can drop a help desk ticket and request to use TCH's shared SSL certificate.

Using our Shared SSL

Simply parse your page like this:


where * = your server number

Shared -vs- Dedicated SSL?

Well, the difference is a matter of appearance, if you ask me. But I'm not the expert.

With shared, your visitor's address bar will reflect an address that is not 'originating' from the same site. With dedicated, your visitors will always see your domain name in the address bar of their browser.

Which company would you feel more comfortable completing a transaction with:


Other information:

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